Moving On: Step 1

I’m at that moment again. You crossed my mind. It’s one thing that’s been happening constantly. I read all your messages to me again. But this time, after reading them, I deleted ALL of it. Including your picture. While I was deleting it, my heart is giving me this feeling – like thousands of needles pricking my heart. But I know I had to do it. And it’s just now I had the courage to delete everything. I can’t recover the pictures again, just like the thought of having you back in my life. 
You’ll be 32 this coming Sunday. And you know how much I wanted to make your birthday special – so special that you’ll decide to stay with me. We had so much plans. Plans that I looked forward to. But then, you were just gone. 
Last year was so full of you… I feel you even you’re thousands of miles away.. You’ve made me feel so special… And now I hate myself that I am still stuck with your memories. 
Wherever you are, I pray you are happy. I pray you find what you’re looking for. This will be the last time I will think of you. This will be the last time I will cry for you. I am blocking you, your email address, your phone number. I think I’ve waited long enough? I have to move on – away from you. 
Advance happy birthday. And goodbye.

let ‘s give this heart some space…



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