Confessions of my broken Heart

I miss you everyday. I think about you all the time. No matter how busy I am.. No matter how much work I take just to try to forget you, it doesn’t work, I think about you more. I am worried about you. 
I know that you don’t want me like this, how come a girl who miles away from you become so needy of you. I want you to know that somehow you own me, you’ve known everything of me.. And I trust you with those. You’ve own me that way. No matter how hard I try to forget you I just can’t. I am still waiting. You might have changed your mind about me, please have the heart to tell me what to do. Tell me to stop. 
You are right, as you’ve always been. I am sadder, and I am crazy. I am sorry. It was my fault, I fell in love with you and I made it complicated for myself. I don’t blame you, I can’t be angry at you, you don’t owe me anything. I just didn’t expect that what I have with you, the happiness I feel when I talk to you, will just be gone and taken away from me all of a sudden.
If you’re busy, and if I’m important for you, you can atleast let me know. You forgot my birthday. But then again, I was never your priority and responsibility so I understand. It hurts like hell but I do understand.
I might not hear from you again but honestly I am waiting.. Please let me know, tell me to stop and I will never ever bother you again.

I miss you so bad and I don’t know when to stop missing you…



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