Thank You to Mystery Manong Last Night

Thank You to Mystery Manong Last Night

As a commuter, a lot of experiences might actually happen. Just like last night, it was raining hard and my umbrella just decided to retire. So I decided not to mind the rain, since I only have 1 more jeepney ride then 1 tricycle ride then I’m home! So I hopped off the bus, and walked like it was not raining, a man’s voice said “Sabay ka na..” (offering his umbrella to me), I looked around and there’s an old man holding out his umbrella to me and smiling. Well, this doesn’t happen to me normally and I usually say no because I am too cautious to accept help from strangers, but I felt OK and smiled at him and said thank you. He walked with me with a good distance, just me under his umbrella and him getting soaked in rain. When we got to the jeepney terminal, he waited for me to get on a jeep and I said my thank you one last time.

So, there are still gentlemen existing… Again, Kuya, Manong — THANK YOU!

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