Hashtag: Dapat Tama

(This blog post is inspired by GMA Network’s advocacy on clean, peaceful and wise elections.)


Today is National Elections. Have you voted wisely?

Elections here in the Philippines is always associated with negative news; vote buying, high crime rate — as if every election is destined to FAIL. It is almost disappointing that this is what I hear every election, that I sometimes think not to vote anymore. But then again, this is the ONLY time I can speak and let my opinions be heard. I remember listening to this female DJ of an FM Station when I was on my way home last Friday — she was babbling non stop how the elections here in the Philippines is nothing but politician’s advertising themselves – as if she was saying it is useless to vote. All throughout her segment she did nothing but rant and complain — for example (this is not verbatim) – “Tumaas nga ang sweldo pero eleven pesos lang, pero pag tumaas ang gasolina, limang piso (5pesos), wala din”, “yang mga politiko na yan, puro pangako, pero pag nakaupo na hindi ka na papansinin” – I mean, come on, this may be your observations, but this is not the correct way of broadcasting – you are entitled to make constructive criticisms but you have to present pieces of evidence and not just nonstop babbling of nonsense adding your annoying and irritating laugh as if you just delivered a genius punchline. Everything you said in your program that day my dear, are nothing but vague observations – WE already know this, WE are also in the situation you are describing. But instead of destroying every belief and hope Filipinos have, you might wanna start talking positively. You are in BROADCASTING – you better use it properly. (This is nothing personal, I have nothing against the DJ, It’s just my opinion and I am entitled to it)


(Photo from Tumblr via Google)

Media nowadays are very much involved (except that DJ), let us take for example the GMA Network / GMANews (Channel 7 and Channel 11)  — each elections they participate and take the extra mile in broadcasting. This 2013 they widened their range and took over various social media sites, the’ve done this before, but this year it is much more known and visible – what I like is they encourage people to post, take pictures of what is currently going on in their local communities – they call it “Citizen Journalists”.

Here are some screenshots from GMA Network official website (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/eleksyon2013)



Another step GMA Network has made is they have this catchy and very well written song for the Elections, taking the tagline “Dapat Tama” – Gloc 9 featuring his Protege contender, Denise Barbacena, encourages people to vote wisely if we wanted change to happen in our country.


Click link to watch Music Video of “DAPAT TAMA” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXsqYde9ikY

So cast away all the negative vibes and take your part in voting for what you think that can help us Filipinos in the future —– DAPAT TAMA!

Here are the SENATORIAL CANDIDATE PROFILES (Photo and Links all from RAPPLER – http://www.rappler.com)Image



  1. Alcantara, Samson
  2. Angara, Sonny
  3. Aquino, Bam
  4. Belgica, Greco
  5. Binay, Nancy
  6. Casiño, Teddy
  7. Cayetano, Alan
  8. Cojuangco, Tingting
  9. David, Lito
  10. delos Reyes, JC
  11. Ejercito, JV
  12. Enrile, Jack
  13. Escudero, Chiz
  14. Falcone, Baldomero
  15. Gordon, Richard
  16. Hagedorn, Ed
  17. Honasan, Gringo
  18. Hontiveros, Risa
  19. Legarda, Loren
  20. Llasos, Marwil
  21. Maceda, Ernie
  22. Madrigal, Jamby
  23. Magsaysay, Jun
  24. Magsaysay, Mitos
  25. Montaño, Ramon
  26. Penson, Ricardo
  27. Pimentel, Koko
  28. Poe, Grace
  29. Señeres, Christian
  30. Trillanes, Sonny
  31. Villar, Cynthia
  32. Villanueva, Eddie
  33. Zubiri, Migz

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