Digital Photographer Philippines 7th Anniversary

Last May 4, Saturday, me and my cousin Bong went to 9th Avenue Bonifacio Global City for the 7th Anniversary of Digital Photographer Philippines.


It was my first time to join this kind of event but since I have this building interest in Photography I was so excited to be there (and the event was free registration!).
So from my work in Makati I took a cab to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and was greeted by sea of people, all carrying their DSLRs. I felt out of placed since I only have my trusty iPhone with me. I met with my cousin an like me he felt out of placed – he owns a Sony Digital Cybershot Camera, but since we wanted to learn more we just strolled around with our interests obvious in our smiles.
We registered for the event and we got a Canon lanyard, an “I ❤ Digital Photographer Philippines” button badge and a name tag.
dpp 018 dpp 015
The heat was on that day and since we still do not know where to start, we decided to visit my (one of…) favorite restaurant, SLICE. My second time here was exciting because I was with my dearest cousin Bong Gomez. We ordered Cranberry Chicken and Apples salad, Aglio Olio and one of the best sellers the Double Choco Yema Cake. Of course, we practiced taking pictures on our food. 🙂 You can read my review on Slice HERE.
dpp 012 dpp 016 dpp 010 dpp 011
So after that delicious lunch, we decided to stroll around and see what to do that is event-related. We were given schedules when we registered but unfortunately we missed almost half of it. Luckily, there was this Live Shoot going on (wherein you get to capture stills of a real professional model) with free instructions and techniques from a known photographer (well i am sorry I honestly do not know his name – did I say I am still building my interest in Photography?). So while everyone was busy taking pictures with their HIGH-END DSLRs, I took my time taking pictures with my iPhone.
dpp 021 dpp 028 dpp 019
So after this session, we decided to continue our stroll and claimed our free items, like the Mixed Beverage by the Bartenders from LPU and SmartC drink from Oishi.
And there while hanging out and drinking our spiked juices, my cousin saw this very pretty girl walking. He introduced himself to her and asked if he can take a picture of her. She was so nice and then she said yes.
See how pretty she is.. :)

See how pretty she is.. 🙂

Little did we know, she is Nikki Veron Cruz from Net25’s Convergence. (It was nice meeting you Nikki!)

I also caught a glimpse of the Montero Brothers strolling around the event area.

All in all, the event was a big success! I would like to thank Digital Photographer Philippines for having this event and welcomed us newbies in the world of photography!

here are some of our pictures:

Facebook: Bonggakastarph

Facebook: Angge Vasquez


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